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Hypo Motley Boa Constrictor


The “Hypo Motley Boa” is a specific morph of the boa constrictor (Boa constrictor) snake species that exhibits unique physical characteristics and coloration. This particular morph is highly sought after by reptile enthusiasts due to its striking appearance and genetic traits.

Hypo Gene

The term “Hypo” refers to the hypomelanistic trait found in this morph. Hypomelanism is a genetic condition that reduces the amount of black pigmentation, resulting in a lighter coloration. In the case of the Hypo Motley Boa, this trait manifests as a reduction in the dark brown or black markings typically seen on the body of a wild-type boa constrictor. As a result, the overall coloration of the snake appears lighter, with shades of orange, brown, and cream.

Motley Gene

The second part of the morph name, “Motley,” refers to a distinct pattern variation displayed by the Hypo Motley Boa. The Motley trait is characterized by irregular, asymmetrical saddles or blotches along the dorsal (back) side of the snake. These saddles often have a jagged or broken appearance, giving the snake a unique and visually striking pattern.

When combined, the Hypo and Motley traits create a beautiful and distinctive boa constrictor morph. The lighter coloration and broken pattern of the Hypo Motley Boa make it stand out among other boa morphs. The overall effect is a snake with a visually appealing and eye-catching appearance.

Hypo Motley Boa Gallery


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