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Terms & Conditions


We want to make sure you have a positive experience when purchasing animals. Therefore, we’ve made the following terms as flexible as possible.

Why is this important? Because many websites offer an experience where you just point and click on an item, make a payment and you’re done. But it’s not that easy is it? What about shipping details, how they currently being cared for, what specific care does the animal need? These are very important questions one must know when making a responsible purchase.

When purchasing animals one must arrange shipping, packaging, pickup, or paperwork. Therefore, we try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs.

By purchasing an animal from DHR you are agreeing to everything on this page including the following:

General Terms

  • Buyers are expected to read, understand, and agree with our terms of service before placing deposits and purchasing animals.
  • Customers are required to provide information on how they plan on caring for their animal. DHR will request this information during the re-homing process. See Customer Care Questions for more information.
  • All animals are guaranteed to be healthy, feeding (Exception1) and correctly sexed (Exception 2).
  • Buyers are expected to understand and abide by their local by-laws when purchasing animals. Be a responsible pet owner!
  • DHR has the right to withhold sales if we feel the buyer is unable to provide proper accommodations for the animal. We want to make sure the animals you purchase are going to thrive, especially for sensitive animals such as Emerald Tree Boas. We’ll be happy to work with you to help you setup your animals correctly. However, if keepers don’t have the correct accommodations and are not willing to provide them, then we retain the right to refuse sale.
  • Buyers understand that it is their responsibility to properly house and care for their animals in their care. 
  • All sales are final; we cannot be expected to accept the return of animal if you’ve made a spontaneous purchase. Please make responsible purchases.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, animals being held for more than 30 days, either with a deposit or paid in full, are subject to a $2.50 weekly care charge. This is only fair since we must feed and clean your animal while it remains in our care.
  • Customers are responsible for appropriate quarantine practices upon receiving animals. 
  • Customers hold full responsibility for the animal(s) welfare and the safety of themselves, other animals, and others.


  1. Buyers understand that during certain times of the year adult animals may naturally go off feed for breeding purposes and under these circumstances feeding is not a guarantee.
  2. In some cases, animals cannot be sexed at the time of sale because of their age or in some cases the species. Examples include Amazon Tree Boas, Emerald Tree Boas, Green Tree Pythons, and Blue-tongue Skinks unless otherwise communicated.

By purchasing a pet from DHR you are agreeing to everything on this page including the following:

Need help?

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