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Customer Care Questions


We want to make sure you have a positive experience when purchasing animals!

Why is this important? Because many websites offer an experience where you just point and click on an item, make a payment and you’re done. But it’s not that easy, is it?

What about the basic questions like.

  • Am I prepared to care for my new pet?
  • What type of enclosure does it need?
  • What does my pet eat?

Before re-homing animals, we like to ensure our customers are prepared, and have all the tools required for success.

Customer Care Questions

At DHR, we require our customers to provide information on how they plan on caring for their animal. Therefore, we have provided an animal care questionnaire to verify that buyers are prepared to properly house and care for an animal. We believe this is an important aspect of being responsible pet providers. 

It is important to us (and our hobby) that you are properly prepared, to ensure the success of both you and your pet. We’ll review your response once submitted and provide constructive feedback. 

We will also help you with any challenges you are having with your enclosure, or questions you may have regarding husbandry. 

Animal Care Questions:

1) Enclosure:

  • What type of enclosure are you using for the animal (PVC, Exo Terra, Tank, else)?
  • What are the dimensions (L x W x H)?
  • What type of substrate? 

2) Heating:

  • How will the enclosure be heated?
  • What type of thermostat will you be using?
  • Where is the placement of the thermostat and probe?
  • Planned temperature of the hot spot?
  • Planned temperature of the cool end?
  • How are you going to measure the temperature? 

3) Humidity:

  • What relative humidity will you be providing?
  • How do you plan on measuring humidity? 

4) Diet:

  • What food type you plan to offer?
  • Prey size?
  • Feeding frequency?

We also ask you to share pictures of your setup.  We like to ensure our customers have an enclosure already setup before they bring a new animal home. You don’t need to provide the pictures right away, provided you’re able to share them before delivery.

Finally, we’ll provide constructive feedback, given the details you have shared. 

Need help?

Contact us at for questions related to refunds and returns.