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2017 Bolivian Boa Litter

By August 19, 2017No Comments

Finally our litter of 2017 Bolivian Short-tailed Boas has landed. In fact the neonates they look fantastic! Also, we ended up with 16 live and 2 slugs, an excellent litter for a first time female.

Even more interesting to see how small Bolivians are at birth. Altogether the average weight of the Bolivian Boas is approximately 50 grams.

  • Sire: Bolivian (Silver-back)
  • Dame: Bolivian (Blonde-pastel)
  • DOB: August 18th 2017
  • Gestation: 99 days
  • Litter: 16 live, 2 infertile
  • Average weight of neonates: 50 grams
2017 Bolivian Short-tailed Boas
Sire and Dame Pictures