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Some people have been asking me recently for photos of my adult Guyana Rainbow Boas, so I decided to post some for sharing.

Guyana Rainbow Boas (Epicrates maurus guyanensis) were originally described in 2005 by the herpetologist G. Matz. The type locality is: ” Mana, French Guiana”. This town is located on the Mana River. Although these haven’t been elevated to a full subspecies, Given their differnces from the Colombian Rainbow (Epicrates maurus), I’m optimistic that they will receive subspecies status one day.

Reviewing the photos left to right:

  • Left side we have the female which is a very old female. She’s only 4 feet long..
  • Right side is the male, a slightly larger animal who is approximertly four and a half feet long total length.

You can see pictures of their offspring here: