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This Calico Amazon Tree Boa (Corallus hortulanus) was produced by a fellow Canadian in 2013.   Especially relevant is the calico pattern  which I find attractive. Furthermore his primary color is red, peppered white and black scales. In addition, he has a primarily white belly, makes him very attractive.

I also decided to purchase the sire and dame that produced this Calico Amazon Tree Boa. Comparatively, the sire is a red/orange animal with light black peppering throughout his body. The dame however is what’s often called “Garden” phase. Overall, the dame is grayish in color, with dark background pattern, which form geometric patterns.

Finally, in my opinion Amazons are the most under rated tree boas. As a matter of fact, Amazons are very hardy and easy to care for. However, Amazons have a reputation for being aggressive and will readily bite keepers.  Therefore many inexperienced people will shy away from them.

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