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Gravid Amazon Tree Boa Update

By November 24, 2016No Comments

I wanted to provide more information on my gravid amazon tree boa update. Back in March I posted an Gravid Amazon Tree Boa on my garden female. At the time I believed her to have just ovulated and she was settling into acting gravid. She began seeing heat and went off food, and held the enlarged look of a gravid female.

However in the months that followed I became less and less convinced. A few months later the female began eating again (I offer bi-weekly meals to even gravid females) and she became less dependant on food. Her body shape didn’t change like was a gravid female; typically seeing gravid animals shrinking in the front half of the body, and the lower half remains distended. So since approximately October I was under the impression she had me fooled… Well. looks like something wasn’t quite right after all.

Tonight I got home and found several slugs in her cage, with one lonely fetus, incompletely formed. Looks like it just wasn’t meant to be this year.

Anyways, for those of you that have been poking me wondering what was up with the Amazon’s… now we know. 🙂

Incompletely formed Amazon