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One of our Green Bush Rat Snakes (Gonyosoma prasinus)
One of our Green Bush Rat Snakes (Gonyosoma prasinus)

One of our Green Bush Rats (Gonyosoma prasinus) taking a bath. This was the first species of Gonyosoma that we worked with at DHR. These quickly became one of our favorite colubrids.

For years we’ve had arboreal snakes including Amazon Tree Boas and Emerald Tree Boas. Emeralds, as many of you know are a favorite among the arboreal snake keepers. Though as much as we love our emeralds, we wanted to try something new. A new arboreal perhaps?

A few ideas included Red tailed green rat snakes (Gonyosoma oxycephalum) and Rein Snakes (Gonyosoma frenatum).

The Red-tailed rats were nearly impossible to find as Captive Bred & Born (CBB). These were also notoriously hard to acclimate wild caught animals. CBB animals were basically unavailable at the time. The Rein Snakes were the same story, and even harder to find. However, with some luck, we were able to find a dealer in the US that worked with the Green Bush Rat snakes, so that’s where we started with the Gonyosoma group of rat snakes. 🙂

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