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Amazon Tree Boa Pairings – 2015/2016

By January 18, 2016No Comments

For Amazon Tree Boa pairings this year we’ll have two pairs of Amazon Tree Boas. The goal here is to refine two of our lineages.

First pairing:

I have a unique looking red male that has a “granite calico” look to him that I would like to reproduce. I picked up this animal and his last year. For the 2016 season I’ve paired him with his mother with the hope of producing offspring with a similar color and pattern.

Second pairing:

The second pairing will include a mottled yellow/orange sire and mottled yellow/brown dam. I had attempted to breed this pair last year however they were unsuccessful. This female is quite large (800 g) and has a tendency intimidate the male. This results in failed copulation attempts. The male is much smaller by comparison (430 g) and has a nice mottled yellow color. I’ll be backing up this pairing with another red male (sire to the calico-granite) should the yellow male not work out.

With a little luck, I hope to have some Amazons available end of summer 2016.