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Robert W. Henderson’s New Corallus Publication

By January 19, 2016No Comments

For those of you that are the type to enjoy reading research papers, I’ve come across a new Robert W. Henderson’s new Corallus Publication for your consumption.

Robert W. Henderson added a new publication this month titled “Glimpses of social behavior in Grenada Bank Tree boas (Corallus grenadensis)”. This paper describes observations at a site in Central Granada. Specifically, the paper describes the social behavior among several Grenada Tree Boas over the course of June 2015.

I found the paper to be an interesting read, since we rarely get to observe social behaviors of snakes in the wild. This matters to me because in captivity, animals are generally kept in much smaller enclosures under a managed environment. This restricts the “normal” behavior of the animal because of the environmental limitations we place on them. Understanding how boa’s interest in the wild helps in better managing how we may manage them in captivity.

Click on the link below to view the publication.

New Corallus Publication

Glimpses of social behavior in Grenada Bank Tree-boas (Corallus grenadensis)