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Emerald Tree Boas showing some interesting body language…

By February 10, 2016No Comments

When I come home from work each evening, I take a few minutes to check over the animals, spot cleaning and make observations. Over the last week or so while viewing the emerald tree boas that have been paired this season. I’ve noticed the female perching different than usual, demonstrating some interesting body language.

The female’s been loosely perched, and looks somewhat distended in the lower third. Something makes me wonder if she’s building up for ovulation, or maybe she’s trying to psyche me out. It’s hard to tell sometimes with these animals.

What makes this tricky sometimes is the way emeralds perch; especially with larger animals on a small perch.  Unlike other arboreal boas I’ve worked with such as Amazons,  emeralds will partly expand their bodies when trying to coil tightly on a perch. It’s easier to see this effect on larger boas as they coil on a small perch, expanding their bodies around the perch. I’ll try to add a picture at a later date.

Anyways. I just thought I would share today’s findings.

Northern Emerald Tree Boa