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Emerald & Amazon Update!

By June 29, 2016No Comments

So it’s June 29th 2016 and I figured it was time for an Emerald & Amazon update. I’ve had some of you emailing me asking when these two females are due, so here’s the scoop!

The tree Boas are progressing nicely through their gestation. For the Emerald, I’m not entirely sure when she’s due to give birth. You see, this female didn’t have a post ovulation shed; instead she shed after courtship ended and she had already begun to swell. This is likely because here last shed was so close to the breeding season, and sometimes female boas won’t have a post ovulation shed as a result. However, she’s progressing nicely, and I’m looking forward to those brick red neonates at the end of the summer.

The Amazon female however shed at the beginning of April, which should make her due sometime around the end of October. Originally I believed I missed her ovulate and she would be due sometime in late June/early July. However we’re likely going to see an October birth for this female.

At this point both animals are off feed, and remain situated on their warmest perches in their enclosures.