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Amazon Tree Boa Addition! I purchased this new Amazon Tree Boa (Corallus hortulanus) last year, and I’ve yet to post any pictures of him. I purchased this male from a fellow Canadian from Quebec City. This is a 2012 animal, with very nice overall red coloration and has orange mixed in and flecks of black throughout.

Amazons Tree Boas are a great arboreal species for new keepers to start off with. They’re easy to care for, very tolerant of temperature and humidity changes, and are generally eager feeders. In fact, in our experience, most Amazons will readily accept mice, rats, and quail.

In the future I hope to pair this guy with other red/orange females in an attempt to produce some really red looking neonates. With Amazons being highly polymorphic, there’s no guarantee what you’ve going to get.